Enough Is Enough.....Restore Trust. Demand Integrity....Vote New York Union Proud!

Who We Are

Who We Are

New York Union Proud

The New York Union Proud team needs you

New York Union Proud (NYUP) is a caucus of Public Employee Federation (PEF) members throughout New York State advocating the rights of the union members. The NYUP Team will be running for 2018 PEF Office under the leadership of Maureen Kellman to "Restore Trust, and Demand Integrity" while returning PEF to its core standards.
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New York Union Albany, NY

Are you a professional New York State employee who is represented by PEF? NYUP needs your vote in 2018. We Will:

  • Negotiate salaries
  • Fight discriminatory practices
  • Build strong, united coalitions
  • Promote strong member engagement

NYUP is all about working for you. Keep in touch by filling out our contact form. We want to know more about the issues that you are facing in your Agency so that we can be prepared to address them once you elect us into office. We also want to keep you up to date on issues that may affect you.

The Janus case will soon be heard by the US Supreme Court and the outcome may affect ALL union members.