Brian Purnell

Candidate for Region 10 Coordinator on the New York Union Proud (NYUP) Slate

Brian Purnell has dedicated the last seven years to active participation in PEF with increasingly progressive roles. His service commenced as a NYS Insurance Fund Division 240 Shop Steward in the NYC offices. He eventually became the local Labor Management Chairperson for the NYC offices. In that capacity he periodically met with management to advocated for members’ employment concerns.

The next step in Brian's progression led to his appointment as the PEF Region 10 PAC Co-Chair. In the role of PAC Co-Chair, Brian actively lobbied the local (Manhattan and Bronx) NYS Senators and Assembly Members. Whether lobbying alone or leading groups of PEF members, Brian's lobbying efforts have been successful in gaining the support of the state legislators within Region 10. This in turn has led them to vote in favor of a number of PEF's Budget and Legislative Priorities.

Brian has also served as a delegate on the NYC Central Labor Council. While serving as a delegate, Brian ensured that PEF had a voice in all discussions amongst the participating local trade, occupation, public, and private sector unions.

For 27 of the 29 years of state service, Brian has been employed at the NYS Insurance Fund where he currently serves as an Insurance Fund Hearing Representative. Brian's experience in the labor industry and the relationships that he has built along the way has prepared him for his next endeavor as the PEF Region 10 Coordinator. As Region 10 Coordinator, Brian will make significant efforts to protect our union while bringing the leadership, work ethic, passion, and accountability that is needed to move Region 10 forward in what is expected to be difficult times not only for PEF members, but to the nationwide labor movement.