Donald Stephens


Donald Stephens is very engaged PEF member. In November 1991, he joined PEF when he accepted a job with the State Insurance Fund (SIF) on Long Island, where he lived until 1995. In 1995 he received a transfer to the Buffalo office where he currently works in the Policyholder Service Department.

In 2015 he was elected a steward in his Division. Upon becoming a steward, he became a member of the Benefits Committee, Scholarship Committee and the Statewide Health & Safety Committee. In 2017, Donald became the Health & Safety Statewide Committee Chairperson. He oversees all Health & Safety issues for the SIF’s nine offices and chairs the quarterly meeting between the Health & Safety Committee and Management and is responsible for ensuring that issues are resolved.

Don is also very politically active within Region 1. Although he was not a member of the PAC, he worked closely with Rocco Brindisi, the previous Region 1 Coordinator and PAC Chair, concerning various endorsements, events, and meetings in the Region. He is also one of the administrators of the Region 1 Facebook page, ensuring that members get timely updates on union news.

In addition to the PEF duties, Donald is the local chairperson for the SEFA and Martin Luther King food drive campaigns in the SIF office.

Donald grew up in Attica and graduated from Attica Central School. He attended Genesee Community College and transferred to Buffalo State where he graduated in 1989 with his Bachelors degree. He has two daughters, ages 22 and 19, and has coached their basketball and softball teams throughout the years.