Gustavo Santos

Candidate for PEF Trustee on the New York Union Proud Slate

Gustavo has worked at the Department of Transportation as a Business Specialist I. He has been working for the state of New York for 25 years. Gustavo has been a delegate to the Convention for 15 years and a shop steward for 20 years. He is a member of Political Action Committee (PAC) and has been for the past 16 years and was a vice chair of the Region 8 PAC. Gustavo has been the chair and co chair to the PEF's Hispanic Committee. He was a Trustee for Membership Benefits for 3 years. Gustavo has also been a member of the Civil Service Committee for several years.

Gustavo obtained his Bachelors' Degree at the University of Albany in Political Science. He is a 32 degree master Mason with the Free Masons since 2012. He has been involved with the Political Action committee for several years. Gustavo was the first president of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement in Albany (LACLAA). LACLAA serves as a voice for change in the Latino community and recognizes the importance of mobilizing workers and their families. He has been a union activist most of his life and he feels that PEF needs to be Democratic.

Our slate New York Union Proud (NYUP) will bring harmony and loyalty back to the members of PEF. Gustavo has been a fighter all his life and wants to continue fighting for PEF and NYUP. He is described by others as a team player, accessible, caring and a committed person.

Gustavo will be an asset as PEF Trustee because he has worked with numbers most of his life. He has been the treasurer for three years for his toastmaster club at work and is the current sergeant of arms. He has integrity and will work hard for all PEF members to keep our union strong.