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Maureen Kellman

Maureen Kellman

Presidential Candidate

Maureen Kellman is the 2018 PEF Presidential Candidate heading the New York Union Proud (NYUP) Caucus. She is currently a Statewide Trustee of PEF, having served in this position since 2012. In 2012 she was elected to this position when she ran on the NYUP slate and served for 3 years under the Kent/Garcia's administration. In 2015, she ran again on the NYUP slate and was the only statewide candidate on the slate who successfully was re-elected. Since 2015 she has been serving as a Trustee under the Spence/Hintz administration. She has the experience of successfully working independently and with integrity under two different administrations. Being elected twice to a statewide position shows the confidence that members have in her leadership ability with her service for nearly 6 years.

Maureen is an Actuary who is employed by the Department of Financial Services (formally the Insurance Department) for the past 26 years. She has strong executive decision making abilities, strong analytical skills, strong people skills, and the ability to plan for future events based on current trends. These skills are well suited for the position of PEF President especially as unions enter an era of unprecedented challenges and changes. In her every day job as an Actuary she regulates/reviews filings of some of the top automobile insurance writers in New York State, managing assets of over $1 billion.

Maureen's greatest value is her integrity and exactness when making financial decisions. As a Trustee, Maureen was instrumental with uncovering institutional flaws within PEF's procedures for the use of purchase cards and has made recommendations to prevent potential misuse of the cards in the future. Since 2017 she served on the Financial Compliance Committee and is part of the team to implement policies and procedures related to all financial instruments used within PEF. She is also instrumental with putting in procedures for the fair and equitable funding of PEF Regions. Maureen also served on the PEF contract team in 2013 that successfully negotiated a contract with PEF's unionized (USW) employees. As a part of those negotiations, PEF is now in a better position to manage its employee's health insurance cost which in the long run will continue to make PEF solvent. Maureen believes in making progressive financial and policy decisions that will allow this union to be financially strong in the long term. These experiences are especially important during this time when all unions are being asked to be even more fiscally conservative in light of pending US Supreme Court cases that may affect union finances.

In addition to her already mentioned strengths, Maureen is running for President because PEF needs a President who is a unit(er) not a divider. Under the Spence/Hintz administration our Union has experienced unprecedented ethic filings and lawsuits. Maureen, who along with other union leaders who were considered a threat, was specifically targeted. In order to protect her reputation and integrity she fought back. It is her determination that no union member should experience any abuse from the union that they expect to fight, represent and protect them. No member should suffer or tolerate the abuse from their Agency managers and Maureen will fight for their protection and respect on the job.

Under the Spence/Hintz administration our union has seen an unprecedented number of seasoned staff members resign, this is in addition to a number who were fired. This has created a hostile environment at PEF which has affected the strength of our union and the representation of our members. It is Maureen's number one priority to bring back a sense of pride and unity to our union and to encourage all members to stay members of the union and be proud to belong to a union. She will to hire professional staff members who will properly represent all PEF members, especially in Civil Service affairs and stop the erosion of one of the greatest assets of belonging to a union, that is, the merit and fitness system.

Maureen served as the PS&T Contract Team Chairperson from 2014 until she was replaced under the Spence/Hintz administration. During her tenure she traveled around the State and listened to the needs of members. She fully understands that in addition to pay raises and health insurance, members are interested in our dental and vision plan, longevity benefits, geographical cost of living adjustments, better job stability language, among others. She is ready to continue negotiating a contract that suites the requests of members, especially in the current political environment where federal cuts may affect the jobs of PEF members.

Maureen Kellman is prepared and ready to be the next PEF President. She will continue to offer sound leadership to PEF, as she has been doing on the statewide level of the past 6 years. She is urging all PEF members to vote for her and the entire NY Union Proud slate of strong unionists.