Mission Statement:

To lead a strong member driven union.

 Vision Statement:

For PEF to be a strong member lead union, where members are respected, heard, supported and mentored now and for the future. Leadership will listen, communicate, be accountable and act with integrity. Four key areas that we will focus on are:

★ Organizing - member involvement
★ Negotiating strong contracts
★ Protecting members jobs
★ Fair representation for ALL members


★ integrity
★ unity / inclusion
★ efficiency
★ respect & civility
★ grassroots approach

Goals & Key Strategies

★ Combat civil service erosion

  • hire a qualified Director of Civil Service at PEF
  • stay aware of the issues and act promptly
  • protect against members’ jobs being privatized

★ Unity

  • work as a united team of leaders for the members
  • create an inclusive union - make members part of the process

★ Education and Training

  • institute ongoing training and education for career mobility
  • better prepare members for the changing work environments
  • involve members, let members know the benefits of a STRONG union

★ Member Engagement

  • develop and engage member mobilizers
  • reintroduce a strong organizing department at PEF

★ Contract negotiations

  • real financial gains for our members including a 3rd longevity tier
  • terms and conditions of employment to benefit members
  • real language to combat privatization
  • changes to dental and vision plans